Golden Season Grains Center, Inc. (GSGCI) was established in 1995 with the vision: “To be the 1st choice supplier and buyer of agricultural produce in the country.” An accomplished manufacturer, exceptional trader and a major distributor of rice in the Philippines, GSGCI continues to constantly upgrade and professionalize its equipment and procedures, providing optimum quality agricultural products and meeting consumer satisfaction nationwide.

     To achieve its goal, GSGCI upgraded its rice milling facilities, turning it into one of the most sophisticated industrial structures of its kind in the Philippines, through the support of the banking sector and committed industry partners.

     Responding to meet the needs of customers all over Luzon, GSGCI also supplies high-grade whole yellow corn kernel that is manufactured into feeds as food for animals and white corn kernel for food snacks.

     With a proven impressive track record from its customers and suppliers, GSGCI champions the company’s vision while helping in nation building and working with stable non-profit associations.

     GSGCI produces not only quality products and services but also builds essential relationships with people within and outside the company, believing that the people we work with and for are the bloodline of our business.

To build a profitable and reliable agricultural company in the country.  To achieve this, we commit ourselves:
  • To provide our customers with consumer products and services par excellence.

  • To deal with our suppliers and customers such as farmers, cooperatives, traders and corporate entities, fairly and efficiently.

  • To attain the highest possible production yield by continuously improving on our milling machinery.

  • To utilize our resources into maximum productivity and ultimately to contribute to the economic upliftment of our nation.

  • To maintain and improve the friendly relationship with our environment.


“To be the 1st choice supplier and buyer
of agricultural produce in the country.”

Rice is life. Every grain is precious.
We, at Golden Season Grains, are in constant pursuit of quality and excellence in our products and services, and in all our business endeavors, serving our community with utmost consumer satisfaction and contributing to the economic upliftment of our nation.

  • Social Responsibility.

    From the very onset of the business until now, GSGCI has been actively participating in community projects like building schools, waiting sheds, distributing relief goods during calamities and organizing painting contests for aspiring art students as part of our social responsibility activities.

  • Honesty and Integrity.

    We uphold and require honesty and integrity from all our employees as well as in our business undertaking with stockholders, suppliers and customers, affirming that we can only choose our actions but not always its consequences.

  • Commitment.

    Our word is our bond commitment. We never promise what we do not intend to keep.

  • Excellence.

    We instill and encourage excellence in our people by the living examples of our efforts to produce high quality well-milled rice.

  • Efficiency.

    Our state-of-the-art milling facility proves our value for efficiency. The structures and modern equipments that go with it, are built for maximum efficiency while preventing paddy and rice wastage. We do our best in everything right the first time, all the time.